the Name

Mahlzeit! is a German way to greet someone around lunchtime.

the Eaters

  • Cliff
  • Sarah
  • our local pals
  • our guests from out of town
  • our work peeps

the Sponsors

There are none. We’re not in anyone’s pocket. Peruse here for free knowing that these are honest opinions from people who just want to eat at a restaurant.

If we ate somewhere and think it would be good to keep in our collective back pocket for

  • a project team dinner,
  • a break from the usual lunch routine, or
  • a four-eyes knock-some-beers-back gripe session,

it will show up here. If it sucked, it won’t.

OK, seriously, it was mostly because I got a bunch of visitors from out of town. Some of them are picky eaters. Some of them have dietary restrictions. Some have been to Regensburg a lot. Some are noobs. I wanted to have an easy reference list available.

It's also at least partially for me. I plan on working from home more than ever before in 2019 and beyond, but maybe that doesn't mean I have to give up lunchtime social interactions completely. Making this list has shown me there are more options nearby than I thought.

We're trying to keep it lean here. It's mostly just text on purpose.