Cafe 190°

The coffee is really good, and they roast it there. The cakes were kinda hit-or-miss.


Kaffee und Kuchen, natch, but also great soups and light lunch fare.

Recommendations / Highlights

Had some brown butter sage pumpkin panzerotti there once for lunch that blew my mind.


Mornings and afternoons, but they close at 19:00 or even 18:00 on some days.


Dunno. There is some limited seating outside and kind of around the corner, which catches at least a little sunlight on those cold winter weekend mornings where Germans will bundle up under blankets just to be outside.


Am Brixener Hof 6 93047 Regensburg

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Ostensibly there’s parking right in front of the joint, but really the Parkhaus Dachauplatz is more likely and nearly as convenient.