Café Goldenes Kreuz

Good cakes, tarts and tortes, but you’ll probably need another coffee somewhere else afterwards. Also, it sure seems like an Ü-65 club in there. Which might explain why the coffee is so weak.

Dogs are welcome.


Kaffee, Kuchen, light breakfasty stuff.

Recommendations / Highlights

The Don Juan Torte (locally relevant to the city’s HRE past) was a nice mix of mild chocolate cake with a cherry ribbon running through it and candied nut topping.


Daily, 7 to midnight.


Tables are reservable. It can be kind of crowded in there. Go in, check the table reservation card, sit down and get served. Just be a good citizen and amscray before the time on the reservation card.


Haidplatz 7
93047 Regensburg

+49 941 55812
The hotel website is, but it requires Flash. Don’t bother.

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Crapshoot. You’re nominally closer to Arnulfsplatz and Bismarckplatz, but not meaningfully so compared to Parkhaus Petersweg or Dachauplatz.