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Recommendations / Highlights

Green beans with garlic and dried chilies were unlike anything we ever had in a Chinese restaurant in Germany; they were very much like a dish our first night in Hong Kong…and that is a good thing. The won-ton soup, however was a life-changer. Both of those items are from the black one-pager menu with pictures and Chinese characters and some interesting attempts at German describing the dishes. We haven’t been there for lunch yet, so it remains to be seen whether the black menu comes out for that meal, too.

original chinese black menu

won ton soup

spicy green beans

spicy green beans and kung pao chicken

They also have a boring old this-is-for-Germans menu, and the stir-fried noodles were perfectly fine. Nothing to write home about. Ho hum.

stir-fried noodles


Closed Mondays. All the rest of the days open 11:30–15:00 and 17:30–22:30.


Probably a good idea. The joint was filled up with Asian people(!) on our first visit. We barely got a table for two.


Sternbergstraße 13
93047 Regensburg

+49 941 58616796

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There are only a couple spots nearby on premises, so try to walk there if you can.