Early Bird


It’s kinda French, kinda American, usually something alpy {butter|cheese|meats} is on offer for breakfast (but also lunch!). Fancy pancakes, imported meat-and-cheese selections, and croque monsieur-type sandwiches.

Recommendations / Highlights

Their sandwiches – after 13:00 – are a treat. Try the Early Bird Sandwich: bacon, an egg, and herbed cream cheese on homemade bread.


Go early – “late lunch” as as late as they go.


Frequently the larger long-bench tables end up shared between unrelated parties because they don’t have enough space for all the 2- or 3-top tables they really need. You can risk it without a reservation if there’s only two of you.


Stadtamhof 6

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Try Am Protzenweiher, or Dultplatz if necessary and the season permits it.