Paradiso da Carlo



Recommendations / Highlights

If you call one day ahead, they’ll do a gluten-free corn-based pizza crust for you. In 2007 or so, the original Paradiso da Carlo restaurant in Tegernheim won an award for the best pizza in Germany. They’re serious.

Best pizza on offer in our humble opinion: salsicca e funghi which as of May 2019 is sadly no longer on offer. You might be able to get them to make it for you if they have the sausage on hand for another dish. But it’s no longer a standard menu item.

Their calzones are pretty good, too (try la strana).

Service can be somewhat lackluster.


Closed Mondays.
Otherwise 11-14:30 and 17:00-23:00 every day.


Yep, they take ‘em. They reserved a bench and set of long tables for our party of 8.


Arnulfsplatz 6
93047 Regensburg

+49 941 70812115

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Arnulfsplatz, Bismarkplatz/Theater

What We Ate

a pizza with rucola, parmesan cheese ribbons, buffalo mozzarello, and prosciutto