Any of these spots would be good for small-group dinners, but if it’s mentioned here, it’s especially good for a 10-person workshop-closing dinner due to menu, location, or parking.


So glad to see its triumphant return!

Hans im Glück

Try the veggie burgers, but don’t expect much comfort for a party >2.

Dicker Mann

Get the Kaiserschmarrn for dessert, but be prepared to judge all other Kaiserschmarren against it.


Gimmicky AYCE option via tablet


It’s our favorite of the two Kurdish joints in town.

Dicker Mann

German / Bavarian favorites with an excellent Kaiserschmarrn.

Burger House

Feel like overdoing it? Try the Unnecessary Burger.


Oh, look, yet another Italian place. But this one is worth it.

Alte Linde

If you get the right table, it’s Regensburg’s prettiest Biergarten.